Pastor Candidate To Preach At Trinity July 9

Pastor Candidate Melinda Gapen will lead worship on Sunday, July 9.  All TLC Congregational Members are urged to attend this very important service.  The Call Committee has instructed the Council to move forward with trying to hire pastoral candidate Pastor Melinda Gapen.  Council has received her profile and is reviewing it.  We have asked Pastor Gapen to lead worship on Sunday, July 9th.  There will be a cookies and punch get to know Pastor Gapen event taking place immediately following worship that day.  We need all congregational members to attend worship on Sunday July 9th.  We are in communication with the IK Synod and Pastor Gapen regarding a compensation package to see if both parties can agree and come to terms “IF” July 9th goes well.  The process is for Council to approve the candidate (the next regular council meeting is Wednesday July 12) and finalize the contract with the Pastor.  If that happens, Council will hold a Special Congregational Meeting (must give 2 weeks notice-possibly July 30) and present the candidate and contract terms to the Congregation to vote on.  A representative from the IK Synod must be present at that Special Meeting as well.  Attached you will find Pastor Gapens profile for your review.  Her sermons can also be watched online at a Call Committee Member or Church Council Member with any questions.  See you on July 9th.

Click here to view Pastor Melinda Gapen Pastor Profile

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